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The Best Anti-inflammatory Agent No More Steroid

iLomys products contain our patented iLomys-ComplexTM. This substance, engineered by Dr. Moon and his professional medical team, harnesses various innovative herbal ingredients in the most effective formula using state-of-the-art technology, including mistletoe, curcumin, gotu kola, ginkgo and other herbal extracts to function as anti-oxidative, anti-inflammatory and anti-toxin agent, boosting the immunity of your skin and revitalizing your skin from the deepest layer.

All iLomys products pass rigorous clinical trials and allergic tests to suit all skin types, even working safely on sensitive, dry and irritable skin.

Clinical Trial

We ran an experiment with 50 women (with skin conditions) aged 20-55 to demonstrate the soothing effect of iLomys-Complex™. Every woman applied each lotion once a day, for twenty days and measured how much soothing effect each lotion has brought.

Left: a soothing lotion containing iLomys-Complex™ Right: a general soothing lotion

No.4 Series for Sensitive Skin to Improve Immunity in the Skin

Enriched with iLomys-Complex™, No.4 line is consisted of No.4 Toner, No.4 Serum, No.4 Suncream.
Pigmentation, breakouts, acne is caused by chronic inflammation due to exposure to external stress (UV rays, pollution, injury/wound). We strongly recommend to use the No. 4 line, with high concentration of iLomys-ÍComplex™ to strengthen skin resistance and immunity.

Possible beneficial effects you can experience

Renew-Derm products passed rigorous clinical trials to satisfy even the most sensitive skin. Premium natural ingredients help to achieve results like: