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  • iLomys Reflection Cream

iLomys Reflection Cream

iLomys ICE Reflection Cream - 50ml
Silky and smooth, this light golden colored essence cream is made from top antioxidant ingredients and cold-pressed grape seed oil. iLomys Complex nano-ingredients provide nutrients for the skin, instantly fighting free radicals and reducing the appearance of wrinkles while promoting skin repair. This cream also contains trehalose, the "skin revival" ingredient, providing 24 hours of long-lasting moisturizing oxygen injection, to resolve dry and dehydrated skin.   Each bottle of  iLomys ICE Reflection Cream comes with  the copper and zinc casted golden massage spoon.  Convenient to use and also to ensure the cream's active ingredients are not affected.   Usage: After cleansing and toning, use the special golden spoon to extract the perfect amount of cream to massage evenly to the face and neck.  The arch of the spoon can also be used to help massage the cream into the skin. Use with our AT cream to achieve optimal results.



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