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  • Renew-Derm Intensive Serum No.2 (30ml)

Renew-Derm Intensive Serum No.2 (30ml)

Containing hyaluronic acid and Fucogel®, Renew-Derm No.2 Intensive Serum constructs a protective shield guarding against dermal dehydration, restoring your supple skin by saturating every turgid cell, to provide moisturizing, tightening and healing functions. Dermis regeneration factor and adenosine promotes skin metabolism, preventing skin aging and reducing rough skin, sustaining your bright glowing complexion. Caffeine tightens rough pores on your skin, constructing a contour of great elegance. 

Major ingredients: iLomys-Complex™, Hyaluronic Acid, Fucogel®, Palmitoyl oligopeptide, Adenosine and Caffeine. 

Suggested Usage: After cleansing, apply with fingertips to face until the serum is thoroughly absorbed. Suggest using with Renew-Derm AT Cream to provide an enhanced overall effect on the skin.



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