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  • Renew-Derm Soothing Serum No. 4 (30ml)

Renew-Derm Soothing Serum No. 4 (30ml)

Renew-Derm Soothing Serum No.4 is a natural herbal serum which harnesses the rich iLomys-Complex™ and licorice extract. Together with chrysanthellum indicum, centella asiatica, mistletoes and other herbal extracts extract, the serum restores the natural acidity of the skin and provides essential nourishment to skin cells. It strengthens and protects your skin from externalities, provides soothing, anti-inflammatory and healing functions. Caffeine eases swelling and will smooth your skin. Clinical research has proven Renew-Derm Soothing Serum No.4’s outstanding ability to sooth troubled skin resulting from laser treatment or other external irritation. It can also calm sensitive skin from eczema and acne condition with anti-inflammatory effect.  

Major ingredients: iLomys-Complex™, Glycyrrhiza Glabra (Licorice) Root Extract, Caffeine . 

Suggested Usage: After cleansing, massage gently on your face and neck until the serum is thoroughly absorbed. Suggest using with Renew-Derm AT Cream to provide an enhanced overall effect on the skin.



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