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  • Renew-Derm AT Travel Kit
  • Renew-Derm AT Travel Kit

Renew-Derm AT Travel Kit

iLomys AT Travel contains a full set of iLomys daily care products, from our facial cleanser to sunscreen and BB cream. Suitable for regular travelers and active sports lovers.  The Sports Kit is also very popular with our brand's first time users, because they can try the texture of the products on their own skin, before buying the larger size of the products.

This package can be used for upwards of four to six weeks (the amount varies individually).  

**The difference between the iLomys Sports Kit and iLomys AT Travel Set is the capacity of the sunscreen.  The Sports Kit includes a small size sunscreen (17ml), while the AT Travel Set includes a sample size (2ml). 

Package includes:-

Renew-Derm Foam Cleanser 10ml 
Renew-Derm No.4 Soothing Toner 20ml 
Renew-Derm No.2 Intensive Serum 8ml
 Renew-Derm AT Cream 15ml 
Renew-Derm No.4 Sunscream SPF50 + PA +++ 2ml 
Renew-Derm UV Defense SPF46PA ++ 2ml            


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