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  • iLomys C-Up Essence

iLomys C-Up Essence

C-UP ESSENCE Whitening, pigments reduction, anti-oxidative, pores reduction Combines both L-ascorbic acid and arbutin. These two whitening ingredients can substantially sharpen your complexion, preventing pigmentation from forming, combating the agonizing problems of dull skin and pigments. L-ascorbic acid, the essential component in collagen, is easily absorbed by to promote circulation and pores reduction. With Vitamin E, proven effective for anti-oxidation, your skin is protected against free radicals, aging and wrinkles.  iLomys-ComplexTM in the essence is especially effective for healing and anti-allergy.   Major Ingredients: iLomys-ComplexTM, L-ascorbic acid, Arbutin, Vitamin E   Suggested Usage:  After cleansing, massage gently on your face and neck until the essence is thoroughly absorbed.   Suggest using with other iLomys serums for optimal performance.  



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